The Unmod RPG

You might be perusing the forums when someone slips and mentions it, or perhaps you were talking with someone on AIM and they referenced it in an offhand fashion, and you wondered what it was and where it came from? Or perhaps, if you live in the cheerful land of Gendis, you haven't even heard of it at all. Well, I am here to relate to you the tale of the failed Unmod RPG. It began when a series of threads (spawned by Coop's DJP thread) sprouted up, creating various conspiracy theories regarding various acronyms for various elements of the online remixing community. These ideas were so bizarre and creative that a collective Eureka was sighed by members of Unmod as they decided to band together to create an RPG that would combine all of these stories into one great game. The ideas came pouring out, and NMZ created a forum to maintain all these ideas. For the first two weeks, participation in this endeavour was high and there was a newly found sense of community in the Then, like all things new and fresh, the idea grew stale and old, and people just stopped. Soon, the forums were forgotten, and the thread disappeared into obscurity. All that was left were the memories...and Coop's script for the game, which apparently is quite long. A failed project, or perhaps a successful chance for the Unmod community to bond...even if just for a second.

-- Mythril Nazgul

Adendum on the UnMod RPG...

"The UnMod RPG was a big pooling that fell through. I personally think one of the main reasons for it's failing was the inability for everyone to agree on a set of ideas to be used in the game, and the fact that there was a massive wall of work to bring it about... and real life didn't allow for that kind of time to be put into the idea.

"And Mythril, how could you forget the final bout of fighting with the game? When Xerol and the company he works for offered to do all the coding, as long as their name was either featured prominently on the title screen, or on a screen of its own before the title screen (a place reserved for the company that made the game in most games)? I recall arguing against that quite sternly, namely because the notion that was put forth was that their time was more valuable than the time of everyone else working on the project before they came along... and that irked me. Plus, they were going to use the game we all worked on as an advertisement for themselves. That too didn't sit well with me.

"That was pretty much the final nail in the coffin as it were. After that, the forums more or less died off and even the new forums couldn't revive the project."

-- The Coop