Spram's Psychotic Breakdown

Spram was formerly a respected poster until he started posting about race a couple weeks ago. Then somebody disagreed with him, something inside him snapped, and... well, I'll let arashi explain:

A Play By arashi...

""Spram's confusion"
Spram: I am white.
Others: But you said hateful things towards white people.
Spram: You are racist because you don't want me to be white.
Others: We never said we were racist, or did not want you as white, you just said offensive things.
Spram: I am not hispanic, I am white.
Others: Okay, you are not hispanic.
Arashi: Hey, listen to this, hispanic people celebrate cinco de mayo.
Spram: I am hispanic and do not celebrate cinco de mayo, you are wrong, therefore a racist.
Arashi: Sorry, its what a teacher told me.
Spram: Racist racist racist racist.
Arashi: Well sorry dude, I guess you are hispanic.
Spram: No, I am white.
Arashi: Then you are white.
Spram: I am hispanic.
EVERYONE ELSE: Make up your mind Spram.
Spram: I am educated, you all shut up you fucking white racists.

The End"

This is a courteous overview. It doesn't mention the several dozen threads Spram started that were basically a tourette's like stream of profanity, racist comments directed at himself, and personal attacks on Moggie and arashi. During this spamfest, he briefly changed his name to "Dead Beaner," then settled back to the name "Spram the Hateful". Anyway, Spram's name carries a lot less respect than it once did around here, and this is a partial overview of why.

-- Cuddly PyramidHead and arashi no tora