Sporks and The Spork Thread

This... is an odd story. Back in 2002, in a thread created by littlechava called "Exactly How Many Lords of the Boards are there", a strange text discussion was taking place. Having been hijacked by numerous members of OCR at that time, the idea of the "Ultimate Weapon" eventually came up, and The Coop mentioned Sporks being that very weapon. From there, insanity took over, and Sporks, Spork fights and other such things became the topic of conversation. After a day or two, "The Official Spork Thread" was made by littlechava to give people a place to go and "...talk about Sporks all you want" as chava put it. The "Exactly How Many Lords of the Boards Are There" died a short time later, but the Spork thread was the first thread on OCR to reach 100 pages, and later 200 pages before it slowly died away.

For those curious, here's a transcript that The Coop made of the "Lords" thread...

-- The Coop