The Sidebar

On the afternoon of April 9th 2006, a new drama unfolded before the eyes of OCR goers... djp decided to add a sidebar to the entirety of OCR.

This was something that cropped up seemingly out of nowhere, and took many by surprise when they returned to OCR and found it staring them right in the face as they browsed the forums. It wasn't long before complaints began to filter into OCR's “OverClocked Remix Redesign Thread (?'s and issues)” thread.

What started out as a general series of complaints and opinions about the sidebar (admittedly more "against" than "for"), rapidly deteriorated into a mass banning. Beginning with JesustheDarkLord, the bannings came in seemingly rapid fire succession until they ended with Gorveg being the last one to receive a banning, possibly due to his large sig image which commented on all the people that had been banned up to that point. Some that were banned had it happen because of what djp felt were inflamatory remarks, while others got banned because they quite literally wanted to be, and so posted in a fashion to make sure that happened (though not everyone who did this was banned oddly enough). Eventually, posts were deleted from the “redesign” thread by djp as he tried to get rid of what he called “Anyone who [took] it upon themselves to make things insulting”. This led to having entire accounts deleted based (potentially) on the level that djp found a given post “insulting”. Over time, quite a few sigs and image edits were made, poking fun and making commentary on both what happened, and the sidebar in question.

The list of those banned over the events that took place consists of...

- King Dedede
- JesustheDarkLord
- WingsOfTime
- Equinox
- Dracko
- Edgar
- Axle
- AlmightyTim
- T-Stock
- Eulogic
- Eclipse
- Toasty!
- Epsilon
- Adversary (aka Kakumei)
- molto bene
- IronKnuckle
- Whitefire
- SP33doh
- Azul
- plasticwingsband
- GigaZapCannon
- Gorveg
- Tilde
- Grey Ninja
- Sauzer
- Imagery
- Mister Toad

Because of this, UnMod was flooded with threads about both the sidebar, and the bannings. Dozens of threads were made in the few days that followed, with some being genuine complaints about the situation, and others being made as fad threads just for the hell of it. When the dust settled, at least some of the bans were lifted as, according to GrayLightning, each case was reviewed one at a time. Despite those ban liftings, some of the banned members swore off OCR for good, as others chose to either use alternate accounts on OCR to continue posting (but to a lesser degree than before), or to lurk on the site.

It should be noted, that this event also led to the expansion of another site... one Many people from OCR's UnMod forum created new accounts there. Some were disgusted by djp's actions and didn't wish to be a part of OCR any longer, and others were simply curious to see what the site was about. Regardless, saw a growth spurt as a direct result of the events surrounding the sidebar.

To say the whole thing was chaotic, would be an understatement.

-- The Coop