This was just... wrong.

Back around the end of 2003, in a riddle thread, Wideruled unleashed a riddle that quite literally, drove most of UnMod nuts for weeks. It was cruel, it was confusing, and it went something like this...

"If he saw the saw dust, he wouldn't have killed himself. Who was he?"

This was utter torture. No one... not a single person... got even remotely close to guessing the answer. After a couple weeks, people were nearly begging for the answer, and the riddle even began appearing in sigs on the site (namely Lightbunny's old Servbot sig). Eventually, Wideruled gave everyone the answer. The result surely has to have caused heads to explode. So just what was the answer?

"The worlds shortest man."



Here's the explanation Wideruled gave...

"Back-story: The worlds second shortest man was shaving the other mans cane thereby making him think he was growing and would no longer be the smallest in the world. Hence why: If he saw the saw dust, he wouldn't have killed himself."

Thanks to Wideruled for giving me the needed info.

-- The Coop