shitty judge fgt

This phrase has been lurking in OCR for a long time. As for where it came from, let's allow Vigilante to explain...

"it came courtesy of the cunning linguist, PxFury, i believe after the blind Fzero megamix decision.
Unable to organize his ideas into an intelligent statement, he immed me saying "Your a shitty judge, fagot"
to which i responded "I love you."
to which he responded "Wow u relly r a fuckin fagit"
to which i responded "I love you."
he eventually became irritated and blocked me.
I started a thread in unmod, posted the conversation and more or less ostracized him from the OCR community.
The End"

And here's the actual conversation, courtesy of Ramaniscence...

"Xx PxFury xX: fuck you
JTnights (teh vigilante): i love you.
Xx PxFury xX: you're a shitty judge fag
JTnights: i love you
JTnights: hug me
Xx PxFury xX: wow, what a fucking faggot
JTnights: i love you
JTnights: starblast says hi
Xx PxFury xX: fuck that fat fuck
JTnights: what an impressively large vocabulary you have!
JTnights: thats why i love yoU!"

-- The Coop, Vigilante and Ramaniscence