The Remixers Exodus

Without getting personal and using the names of the people involved, this is when a group of remixers who disliked the way djp ran OCR back on the so-called "orange boards", left and told djp to remove their remixes from OCR. Some of these same people started, a site which has different submission policies for remixes. Ill feelings were occasionally passed between the two sites while both were up, but eventually VGMix went down sometime in 2003. After roughly a year, VGMix 2 surfaced, only to have it go down in 2006, and come back again in 2007. Though "The Exodus" was a a big source of drama for a good while, it's been brought to a general state calm as some of those who left OCR came back, and the tensions have eased considerably.

Here's what Spram had to say regarding the Exodus...

1. Someone submits the Super Mario Strings thing
2. A person says he likes it.
3. Virt says the remix sucks.
4. DjPretzel writes something.
5. Mustin writes something.
6. DjPretzels says Mustin's opinions of late have been ridiculous.
7. Virt insults someone
8. DjPretzel bans virt.
9. People get sad and get on IRC to say bad things about DjPretzel.
10. People ask DjPretzel to be nice and unban virt / not change file names and IDtags / not wait 2 years before he post remixes. But DjPretzel ignores them.
11. People start writing one by one that they are leaving OCremix in an effort to persuade DjPretzel to change his evil ways. Doesn't work.
12. I write a post saying I'm leaving because I found it funny that I had no remixes. Haha. Get it? I have no remixes, but I'm leaving and want Pretzel to take down my remixes.
13. Dale North explodes. Usual.
14. Matt Pollard starts cussing.
15. Mr.Mustin writes something about owning the place. Tells me to suck his hog. Rant seemed to be written under the influence of Super Mushrooms.
16. The OCremix Flame War starts.
17. People FINALLY leave OCremix.
18. Pretzel finds it funny that everything went kaboom, so does McVaffe and some other guys.
19. DjPretzel changes the boards.
20. The EX-OCremixers lurk in the dark corners of the Un-Moderated board and watch the silly silly flames. Sometimes write something.
21. DjPretzel finds out the Ex-OCremixers are still around hidding and feels loved. He says: "They're still watching over me! My sweet, sweet angels!!""

-- The Coop & Spram