"Dezoris Winter" Remix

This was a dark moment for OCR. While it was in the judging process, some judges heard off notes that they felt warranted a "NO". After it was rejected, the song was made available for others to hear, with some who DLed the remix not hearing the notes that the judges had mentioned. This led to a "attack the judges" feeding frenzy with the general statements being "WTF?! THIS MIX IS THE ROXXORS!!!! THERE R NO BAD NOTES!!! U R BAD MEN!!!!". The judges did what they were supposed to do... judge. People disagreed with their opinions, and a witch hunt ensued. It was a simple thing blown way out of proportion by some who just couldn't let the whole thing go.

Some say the WIP forum was revived because of this... but that's an overstatement. WIP has always been WIP. If you remix a well known game/song, you get responses. Something outside that range or obscure, results in less to little in the way of responses. That aspect never really changed after all the hubbub died away.

Some also say that the way the judging is handled changed. This too, seems to be an overstatement. 4 "YES"s and 4 "NO"s are still the way the judging is handled, and the proverbial "bar" is no lower than it was before. In fact, it might even be a little higher.

So there ya have it. A matter of differing opinions on a single song, that turned into a flame-a-thon and witch hunt.

-- The Coop