R.I.P. Ramaniscence (The Hoax)

Way before anybody actually from OCR actually did die in any car crashes (RIP Avien) SgtRama and Suzumebachi (along with a few others) basically faked SgtRama's death in a horrible car crash in late March 2003. They had convincing newspaper article clippings and everything, and one of SgtRama's friends even had a vinyl made for his car saying, "In Memory of Douglas Arley" (Ramaniscence's real name) and took pictures of it. The word "Ramaniscence" came after one of Rama's IRL friends, who also posted on OCR, commented about it being the Ramaniscence after StgRama came back. Shortly there after, SgtRama took that word for his new screen name.

Then, Suzumebachi slipped up. He posted it on the OCR Gen Disc boards, and after everyone got all sad and felt really terrible, Suzumebachi caved in and admitted the hoax. Later in #ocremix, the following was said:

"<SgtRama> this is gonna make af feel so good about himself
<Suzumebachi> yeah, maybe he didn't read it and we can try it again on april 1st
<AntonioPizza> and maybe we can get virt's dr. mario song back on OCR!
<AntonioPizza> oh and Bad Tuna while we're at it!
<Suzumebachi> Pizza LOL how??
<Suzumebachi> err ok.. I detect some sarcasm."

Thanks to Rama for supplying the newspaper clip.

-- Suzumebachi and Ramaniscence