The Great UnMod Purge

This took place on April 27th, 2004. A number of threads in UnMod had grown to such size, that they were taking up a lot of server space. "Hi", "Gimme Bacon", "Sex Ed", "Say Something About the Person Who Posted Before You", "A Furry A Day... (bah I'm breaking tradition)", and others had all grown to over 3000 posts... most to several times that number. djp decided to delete those threads to save space. After a weeks warning to allow for the backing up of those threads, the threads vanished and the post counts of many were altered... some drastically.

Some felt it was a sign of indifference towards UnMod that only UnMod was purged. Others felt it was inevitable and a part of a growing site. Others still just didn't give a shit. Regardless, it came to pass.

-- The Coop