#OCRemix vs. OCR Boards

This is a strange one. #OCRemix is OCRs chatroom. People can go there and live chat with other OCR members who are there. OCR's forums are, of course, the "boards".

Apparently, there was a little periodic tension that floated about between those who usually posted only on the OCR Boards (where, for the most part, the newbies and recent OCR members hung around), and those who usually posted in #OCRemix (where, for the most part, long time OCR members who had been around since the first and second versions of OCR hung around). Some in #OCRemix talked trash about people on the OCR Boards, and some of the people on the OCR Boards talked trash about #OCRemix. The disdain between the two sides, eventually led to someone from #OCRemix starting a hate thread all about TeknoBunny on the OCR Boards, some time after there was a thread bashing the general populous of #OCRemix. Of course, those instances were extreme examples of the on-going friction between the two sides.

Generally, the rivalry seemed to come mostly from how some of those on #OCRemix felt about the so called "pointless threads and nonsense posts" on the OCR Boards, while some on the OCR Boards felt those in #OCRemix have a "we have a song posted, you don't... so you suck" (or a "holier than thou") attitude as they talked in what some felt was just as pointless a manner.

It should be noted that this isn't a steady rivalry. It's just something that flares up once in a while, then dies away again. Both are fun places to visit, and both have their strengths and weaknesses. Don't be afraid to visit them.

-- The Coop