The Menards Guy

This guy is the mascot of a store chain called (oddly enough) Menards. He does commercials for the store chain pimping various items with a disturbing excitedness. A poster named Dev used an image of this man in his sig, and after a while, someone added the word "Whoa!" to one of the pictures Dev was using. This word became synonymous with the Menards Guy from that point on. For a while, he was also nearly a second unofficial OCR Mascot.

In real life, this gentleman's name is Ray Szmanda. He's literally starred in thousands of commercials since he started doing them in 1976, telling folks to "Save Big Money" all the way up to 1998. He's still making occasional appearances even today. If you'd like to know a bit more about him, head over to his official web page here.

And here's the man himself...

-- The Coop