In My Pants!

In 1994, the movie “Double Dragon” was released. Its roots were embedded in the game franchise of the same same, but what grew from that fertile soil was widely considered to be a cinematic turd. However, buried in the mediocrity of this film, was a character by the name of Koga Shuko played by actor Robert Patrick. One of the few things that stood out in this film, was Robert's ability to make goofy facial expressions that made for great screen grabs... a fact that would lead to a short lived editing spree.

In a thread titled "Dinosaurs vs. Dragons," somehow the discussion shifted from the mythological and extinct beasts, to the movie and characters within it. Before long, Oddllama posted a screenshot of Koga leaning back, with a big smile on his face. Much like the “Nice Work” edits, this unsettlingly happy Koga face was edited into various other images. After a while, The Coop posted an a simple edit that said “I've got something in my pants... and IIIIIIII LIKE IT!”. From there, the phrase “in my pants” was linked to many of the edits that followed.

-- The Coop