Back in 2003, a poster by the name of Kenshin Himura gave us this term. While I can't remember exactly what the conversation started as, it somehow got around to Kenshin being afraid of homosexuality, and being called a homosexual. As best as I can tell, what Kenshin meant to say was...

"I'm not a homophobe. And if I was a homosexual, would I be going out with the hottest, nicest, funniest and smartest girl in the whole world?"

However, through the miracle of typing and likely being either in a hurry, aggravated, or both, Kenshin gave us this instead...

"I am not a homophoipce or what ever it was. If i was a homo why would i go out with the hottest nices Funny smarts girl in the hole world?"

With that single post, a new term was born. One that would remain with OCR for years. Eventually, someone (believed to be Stan Tuna) gave Kenshin the nickname of "Elroy", and this nickname stuck. If recent info is correct, our boy "Elroy" now goes by the name Synth. He's since mended his ways, and learned from his mistakes. But during that learning process, we got a quirk.

Thanks to Flash Strife and Stan Tuna for their help in getting the quote right, and to Xelebes for giving the actual screen name of the poster.

-- The Coop