Hi Thread

A thread of unknown power. This thread started out as basically a slower IRC chatroom. The original topic was "favorite movies", but it didn't take long for the thread to get derailed. Soon, the topic was being changed weekly, conversation ranged wildly, and soon the thread looked the part of a slow IRC chatroom. Over time, it hit 100, 200, 400, and eventually 1000 pages. Mae changed the sub-title of the thread randomly to whatever was going on in the thread at that time, and she did this literally scores of times.

At one point, Mae felt the thread was getting stupid and too large, so she created a "Hi 2" thread, and changed the topic of the first one to "Hi **DJP please delete this thread**" in an attempt to get rid of the very beast she'd created. However, some UnModders refused to let the thread die. It stayed firmly on page 1 of UnMod most of the time, and after people repeatedly said how much Hi 2 sucked, Mae eventually returned to the original Hi thread. At one point during the time Mae was trying to get the thread deleted (around 400 pages), djp said he was afraid to delete the thread, because it might become a martyr.

Eventually, this thread was deleted in a "purge", which got rid off all the large threads in UnMod.

-- The Coop