Back around the beginning of 2004, in a thread called "MS Paint Story", people were using Microsoft Paint to create pictures, panel by panel, to tell an outlandish story. In this thread, a character was given birth. Lovingly referred to as "Cockbee", this creature came about from a drawing Castle made of a bee with a ridiculously large pecker. As each panel was made, Cockbee began to be used more and more. Later, The Orichalcon made his own version of Cockbee, and the way he drew it in his image became the standard look for the character.

Here's how Castle started him...

... and here's how he ended up looking with The Orichalcon...

Over a period of weeks, Cockbee came to star in his own game... sort of. In a fit of creativity, a mod was made for the game Doom II: Hell On Earth by TO (with Castle and Wingsinadream making the sound effects), featuring a pixelated version of the well endowed bee in place of demons. This mod can be found here.

Thanks to SoloGamer for confirming the names.

-- The Coop