UnMod Card Deck

Eulogic came up with the idea, and pitched it in a now dead thread. His idea caught on, and many of UnModders submitted potential names for the 52+2 UnMod card deck. While Eulogic spent a couple months narrowing down the names, Dakar and The Coop were coming up with separate back designs, with _excousa_ working on the front. There was a lull in the project for a while, during which Dakar vanished... leaving The Coop working with the back design. _excousa_ came up with a front design that many liked, but then he started posting a lot less, and handed his design over to The Coop so the project could continue (after which The Coop did a few small adjustments and additions here and there to _excousa_'s design). That's when Gorveg and a few others came up with placements according to card rank, but Gorveg's was the one that seemed the most focused, and was the one Eulogic liked the most. Eulogic then took the time to finalize all the placements with JesustheDarkLord's help, wound up doing adjustments to that list after a few stinks were raised, and then posted a FINAL final list. The Coop took that list, and began putting all the needed elements onto the front design after making a thread of his own and bugging everyone repeatedly for the info needed for the cards.

While the suits don't hold much in the way of significance anymore, the card ranks do. The suits were originally supposed to mean...

Diamonds- Informed posters
Spades- So-called "Enforcers" or "People who keep others in line".
Hearts- Helpful
Clubs- Flamers, trolls, etc.

The project was eventually left in The Coop's hands, and thanks to his bugging all those who had cards, the project got finished just before Christmas of 2004. The finished card set can be seen here, or you can download the whole set here.

-- The Coop