Back when OCR was just getting started with its third iteration, a set of titles were given to those who posted on the site. These titles were different than they are now with the current silver and orange version of the boards, but like the current titles, they were arranged so that when you got to a certain number of posts, you got a new name. Here's the list...

- Regular (+50)
- Junkie (+100)
-Disciple of the Mix (+200)
- Lord of the Boards ( +300)
- Balrog of the Boards (+400)
- Half-Grandmaster (+500)
- OverPostMaster (+750)
-Grandmaster (1k+)

Keep in mind, this was before the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy by Peter Jackson was around, so the knowledge of what a Balrog was, wasn't as widely known as it is know. As such, due to an insane number of times that the question "What's a Balrog" was asked back then, The Coop made a simple explanation about that title...

"A big, nasty demon. Nuff said."

-- The Coop