Welcome to the page for the Nice Work Archive.

As I'm sure you're wondering, just who is this guy and why are there over one thousand edits of him? Well, the story is an odd one. Long ago, an OCR member named Midee brought over an image from the site www.somethingawful.com. On this image, he put the words "Nice Work", and occasionally posted it as a way of making a smarted ass comment for those who boasted about something inconsequential (like reaching a certain number of posts on the site's forums). After a while, this picture began to be edited by other people. The head of this unknown man was put on other bodies, other people's heads were put on his body, things were added to his image, and new text was slapped on. Eventually, a thread was made for people to post these edits, and over the last three-and-a-half years, this unknown man has become something of an unofficial mascot for OverClocked Remix.

On this site, you'll find zip files containing all the edits done to date. The first six links comprise the original massive archive that The Coop has been maintaining for some three years. The additional links are archive updates that The Coop has added as the edits continue to slowly roll in.

So download them, and see just what the folks of OCR have done to this poor nameless man.


Updated 6-11-2008

Update #9